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The products and equipment you rely on day to day may not be as safe as you have been led to believe. This is commonly the result of manufacturers cutting corners or misrepresenting the safety of their products in an effort to maximize sales and profits.

Colorado Springs Product Liability Lawyer

Colorado Springs Product Liability Lawyer

When products, used as intended, cause harm, taking action to hold the negligent parties responsible can be important to:

  • Helping injured people recover and gain some justice
  • Preventing others from also being harmed by the dangerous product.

Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Wm Andrew “Drew” Wills II has decades of experience helping injured people pursue justice after they have been harmed by faulty, toxic and dangerous products. Effective at standing up to even the most daunting opponents, like big companies, Attorney Drew is ready to explain your options for justice and help you fight for the financial recovery you may deserve.

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How Negligence Can Contribute to Dangerous Products

Tragically, putting profit above ethics and the interest of public safety commonly motivates manufacturers and others to knowingly sell harmful products. Some specific examples of the negligence that can play a role in putting dangerous products in the public’s hands include:

  • Using toxic materials to make products
  • Failing to test the safety of products
  • Making false claims about the safety of products
  • Failing to warn the public about the dangers or risks associated with products
  • Failing to provide proper instructions regarding how to use products.

Product makers, distributors and others who are negligent in these (or other) ways can be liable for compensating those who are harmed by their dangerous products.

Common Examples of Dangerous Products

While harmful products can come in various forms, some examples include:

  • Consumer products, like appliances, tools, children’s toys, recreational equipment, personal care products and food
  • Vehicle equipment, such as tires, brakes, airbags and essential safety systems
  • Medications, like Risperdal and Xarelto
  • Medical devices, such as metal-on-metal hip implants and transvaginal mesh implants
  • Industrial equipment , like agricultural equipment, sawmills, boilers and smelters.

When Dangerous Products Cause Harm: How an Attorney Can Help You

An experienced attorney – like Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Drew Wills II – can offer indispensable support and representation when it’s time to move forward with a product liability claim. Some of the specific ways Attorney Drew can help you include by:

  • Pointing out all available legal remedies
  • Collecting all necessary evidence to make your claim as strong as possible
  • Advocating your rights and protecting the value of your claim at every phase
  • Keeping you informed of the progress of your claim, as well as your options, at every juncture
  • Doing everything necessary to bring your claim to the best possible outcome.

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