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safety-crosswalk_sign-v25_25139Pedestrians in a busy, heavily populated city like Colorado Springs, pedestrians are everywhere. People driving cars, tractor-trailers, commercial vehicles and city buses have to look out for them, because when they fail, serious injuries and wrongful deaths occur.

For pedestrians throughout the Colorado Springs area who are suffering due to a negligent or reckless driver’s actions, turn to Wm. Andrew Wills II, P.C. Founding personal injury lawyer Drew Wills has spent his more than 30-year career in this field of law. He now devotes all of his energy to helping the most seriously injured pursue the justice they deserve.

Helping You Build The Strongest Possible Claim

Colorado has a strict statute of limitations for bringing forward a personal injury claim. That is why it is important to contact Drew Wills right away after your accident. He can review police reports, secure crucial evidence and interview witnesses to determine if a negligent driver is at fault for actions like:

  • Striking a pedestrian in the crosswalk
  • Running onto the sidewalk and hitting a pedestrian
  • Failing to give a walker the right of way
  • Hitting someone walking along the shoulder
  • Hitting someone getting out of his or her car

After a pedestrian accident, a driver may attempt to flee the scene and fix any damage to his or her car. That is where the experience and skills of an attorney like Drew Wills are so important. If the driver is found or not, he can review insurance coverage and help you determine the best way to proceed for recovering the compensation you need.

Get An Aggressive Advocate In Your Corner. Call Wm. Andrew Wills II, P.C.

Drew Wills’ law firm offers free consultations, where he will sit down with you and learn all the details of your accident and injuries. Before accepting a settlement that may not address all of your financial needs, call him at 719-373-1777 or send him an email today.