Personal Injury Practice Areas at Wills Law, P.C.

Personal Injury Practice Areas at Wills Law, P.C.

Personal Injury Practice Areas at Wills Law, P.C.

Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Wm Andrew (“Drew”) Wills II has more than 30 years’ experience helping injured people successfully navigate the civil justice system.

Known for his professionalism, integrity and record of success, Drew is committed to providing each of his clients with effective advocacy so they can secure the financial recoveries – and justice – they deserve.

Attorney Drew Wills II is also dedicated to:

  • Limiting his caseload so that he can provide personal attention and the highest quality service to each of his clients
  • Applying his deep understanding of personal injury law to protect his clients’ rights while helping them maximize their financial recoveries.

With Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Drew Wills II in your corner, you can expect to have a highly competent attorney who listens, treats you with respect and keeps you informed about the progress of your case. You can also expect superior representation while Drew works relentlessly to help you secure the best results possible.

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Meanwhile, you are invited to continue checking out this page (and the rest of our site) to discover more about how Attorney Drew Wills II can help you with various types of personal injury claims.

Car Accidents

You never plan for an auto crash to happen. If you drive (or ride in) a car regularly, however, statistics show that you will probably be in at least four car wrecks over your life time. If or when these crashes cause serious losses and injuries, you’ll need a skilled lawyer like Colorado Springs Attorney Drew Wills II on your side when it’s time to seek compensation.

Drew has extensive experience handling various types of car accident cases, including (but not restricted to) those involving:

Truck Accidents

The devastation caused by a truck accident can be intensified by knowing that preventable negligence caused the wreck. Whether the negligence of a truck driver, a trucking company and/or another party caused your truck accident, you can count on Colorado Springs Attorney Drew Wills II for help pursuing justice.

Some of the various types of truck accident cases that Drew is skilled at resolving include:

  • Rollover truck accidents
  • Jackknife truck wrecks
  • Runaway trailer crashes
  • Underride collisions
  • Fatal truck accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents

The excitement and freedom that can come with riding a motorcycle can disappear when wrecks happen. Figuring out who’s responsible for causing a motorcycle crash, however, can be fundamental to helping injured riders start to pick up the pieces and restore their lives.

When you need answers about who’s liable for your motorcycle accident – and what you can do to hold them responsible, it’s time to contact Attorney Drew Wills II.

Bicycle Accidents

Regardless of how careful and attentive you may be when riding a bike, you cannot control the actions or judgment of others sharing the road with you. When others on the road fail to look for, see or yield the right-of-way to bicycle riders, serious (if not deadly) accidents can happen.

Injured riders can rely on Colorado Springs Lawyer Drew Wills II when it’s time to determine liability, pursue a bicycle accident claim and seek compensation for their losses.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable travelers on the road. They also tend to be severely, if not fatally, wounded when traffic accidents occur. Attorney Drew Wills II understands how catastrophic pedestrian accidents can be – and how critical it is to fight for justice and financial recovery after pedestrian accidents happen.

Serious Injuries

Severe injuries can affect nearly every part of your life. While physical impairments can restrict your activity or limit your ability to earn a living, the psychological impacts can affect personal relationships and your overall quality of life.

In the aftermath of serious injuries caused by negligence, you can turn to Colorado Springs Attorney Drew Wills II for experienced help seeking the compensation to which you may be entitled. Drew is skilled at resolving a range of catastrophic injury cases, including (but limited to) those involving:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Neck and spinal cord injuries
  • Disfigurement (including burns, scarring and loss of limb)
  • Other serious injuries affecting the internal organs, bones, muscles and/or nerves.

Product Liability

The devices, appliances and even medications you rely on may not be as safe as you’ve been led to believe. When any consumer or medical product harms you, don’t hesitate to contact Attorney Drew Wills II to find out if a manufacturer (and/or another party) may be liable for compensating you.

Premises Liability

Slippery floors, broken elevators and missing handrails are just a few ways that properties can present risks to visitors. When these risks cause accidents and injuries, the negligence of property owners (and possibly others) may be to blame.

Attorney Drew Wills II has spent decades helping people who have been injured on others’ properties. Whether your accident happened in a retail, private or public setting, Drew is ready to point out your options for financial recovery.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one can be a deeply tragic experience. When this loss stems from some negligent or reckless act, taking action to hold the negligent party (or parties) responsible can be the key to:

  • Preventing those parties from fatally harming anyone else
  • Gaining some justice
  • Obtaining financial support to pay for outstanding medical bills, funeral costs, burial expenses, etc.

Colorado Springs Lawyer Drew Wills II has helped many families pursue justice and compensation in the wake of deadly accidents.

While he is completely aware that money can never replace a loved one, Drew also knows that fighting for justice via wrongful death claims can be important to overcoming devastation and restoring lives.

Other Negligence

In addition to the above, Drew is experienced at handling various other personal injury cases, including (but not restricted to) those related to:

  • Medical negligence, such as the oversights or reckless actions of doctors, surgeons, nurses, chiropractors and other medical professionals
  • Hospital negligence, which can involve anything from unsanitary or unsafe premises to negligent hospital staff and harmful hospital policies.

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