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Wrongful DeathWm. Andrew Wills II, P.C., is the Colorado Springs personal injury practice of attorney Drew Wills, who brings more than 30 years of experience to bear on fatal injuries and wrongful death litigation.

Whether your loved one died due to motor vehicle negligence, medical negligence or another negligent act, Drew Wills can help. Wm. Andrew Wills II, P.C., supports clients in El Paso County and throughout Colorado by pursuing fair and just recovery for damages incurred by wrongful death.
When a loved one dies an untimely death that could have and should have been prevented, the grief is unbearable. To deter similar catastrophes from happening to others in the future, and to gain the recovery that you are entitled to by law, call lawyer Drew Wills to discuss how to bring a wrongful death suit against the liable party.

Determining Recoverable Damages

Surviving family members of the deceased are entitled to the recovery of both economic and noneconomic damages. These categories include compensation for things that you may not know to consider without the help of a lawyer. Medical expenses are of course recoverable, but so are future lost earnings, grief and sorrow. Schedule a consultation with Drew Wills for a free case evaluation to assess the damages that your family may be eligible to recover.

Not everyone can file on behalf of the deceased. There are distinct provisions stating who can and cannot file for the first and second years following the incident. Requirements vary depending on whether the deceased is survived by a spouse, a spouse and children, children and no spouse, or none of these.

Like other personal injury cases, state law requires that wrongful death claims be filed within the standard deadline of two years from the date of the negligent or willful act that caused injury. For this reason, it is a good idea to consult with a lawyer as soon as grieving allows.

Learn More About Your Wrongful Death Claims

For free consultation, contact personal injury lawyer Drew Wills. Drew understands the emotional turmoil that surviving family members go through, which is why he makes himself accessible to his clients by taking fewer cases at a time. Call 719-373-1777 to discuss your options.